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nicole tung
May 13, 2021
Photojournalism in the Field: Learn how to create visual narratives with a purpose. 

Hi everyone! Less than one week left to sign up for the 3-session workshop in partnership with @heyspeakeasy starting May 17, 2021 at 11.30am ET/3.30pm GMT.

For more information and to sign up, see the link in my bio, or go to

In Session 1, I’ll introduce my work briefly before going into the various aspects in photojournalism from ethics to aesthetics, content and context. We’ll also talk about generating story ideas, pitching to editors, and finding funding. 

Session 2 will include guidance on the editing process, and how this is often the most important stage of visual storytelling. 

And Session 3 will be talking about photography out in the field, navigating different stories and circumstances, and we’ll also discuss the balancing act between professional business practices and staying creative. 

I’ll also be doing individual portfolio reviews with participants. Sign up soon - I look forward to seeing you in the workshop. 
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Photojournalism in the Field
Join Nicole Tung, a photojournalist with over a decade of experience in covering conflict, as she discusses how to generate story ideas, and how to approach complex topics with empathy and intention. With these foundations, we’ll talk about ways...


Freelance photojournalist covering social and conflict-related issues in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.
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